Pop it and Eat it

Cooking up some crazy colours!

Wayne Thiebaud painted objects with thick gloopy paint in fantastic colours. This is best done in acrylics on either thick paper or cardboard but if you don't have any then watercolour or poster paints are fine.

Step 1 : Have a look at his work and use it as inspiration.

Step 2 : Bake and decorate some really bonkers looking cupcakes or a Knickerbocker Glory. Cover them in sweets, umbrellas or hundreds and thousands.

Step 3 : Shine a bright light on your culinary creations to make it really stand out with a strong shadow.

Step 4 : Really try to look at the fun colours you can add to the creamy icing, which often have soft blues, pinks and yellows in the shadows.  Use the complementary colours that you have learnt on the Colour Wheel to soften the tones. Use the paint thickly so it's almost like smearing icing onto the paper.

Step 5 : Add really fun touches of blues and scarlets and bright yellows with a very small brush to do the outlines, and make the shadows bold and bright.

Step 6 : Paint the background and table in lovely pastel colours.

Before you eat what you have baked, if you can possibly wait any longer, try to do a drawing of it using the clear outlines and vertical, horizontal and diagonal hatching lines that you see in Wayne Thiebaud's drawings....

Materials: baking ingredients, pencil, paper/board, brushes, acrylics or other paint.

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