Mossy Mark Making

Fun ways to paint landscapes!

Step 1 : Go into your garden or out for a walk and collect some moss, leaves, sticks, ferns or grasses.

Step 2 : Choose a scene you would like to paint, a view you can see or from a photograph. It works well with scenes of trees, a river or lake reflecting trees or a wood.

Step 3 : Paint two or three plain colours as a background, to do this divide up the basic shapes of the land and the sky and choose a colour that occurs the most in that area. This is your base coat and it works best if you let this dry.

Step 4 : Using either plastic cups, paper plates or old pots and tubs, mix up several different colours that you see on your trees, or hedges or landscape to dip your foliage in. Keep the paint quite liquidy but not so watery it falls off the foliage.

Step 5 : Press your foliage onto the paper to make prints, so you are using the leaves to make leaves, moss to make moss prints, sticks to make branches etc. But also mix it up a bit e.g. the moss can look like hedges, grasses can be branches and leaves can make patterns on the ground. Moss can also make amazing clouds.  

You can add more details with a paintbrush at the end if you want to.

Materials: Paper/cardboard, foliage, paints, brushes, pots.

Using moss dipped in paint to make marks

A nice base layer on which to add detail

A landscape starting to take shape

An example of a tree painted with foliage

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